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GeriScriptRx is the Founder of Back-Up Pharmacy Benefit Management

GeriScriptRx is the Founder of Back-up Pharmacy Benefit Management and is the leader in providing the lowest cost and best forward thinking customer service for long term care pharmacies. Founded in March, 2006, we were the first to lead the way in improving back-up pharmacy services and reducing costs.

We design our back-up pharmacy management services to meet your needs and market conditions. It doesn't matter whether you choose our total package, or just a part, our customer service is unsurpassed while you still save 30-40%.

GeriScriptRx offers the lowest price total package available and we are helping thousands of patients already. Contact our staff today, and you will start saving money in every way, the GeriScriptRx way!

Why should you choose GeriScriptRx?

  • Save you 30-40% on your current retail back-up bill.
  • Lowest cost complete back-up pharmacy plan available.
  • On-call service available to prevent pharmacist burn-out.
  • The most customized and cost effective delivery assistance from the back-up pharmacy to your facility available.
  • Personalized after hours IV programs close to where your patients are.
  • Unsurpassed 24/7 customer service.

Do you need help from other long term providers?

  • information
  • flu vaccine
  • hard to obtain pharmaceuticals
  • staffing

If so, post your need on our GeriAds page.



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